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MU STEM is a mentor program connecting minority mentees within STEM with mentors in the field. Our purpose is to ensure that mentees are able to connect with experienced professionals in their field. This is a 4 month program with 1 to 1 mentor sessions and check in sessions with Mentor United to ensure that both the mentee and mentor have the toolbox needed to facilitate a great collaboration. 

Our MU STEM Program is curently open for applicants for both mentors and mentees.


We're looking for mentors who have a proven record of experience in Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathemathics. Our mentors believe in the value of diversity and inclusion, have situational awareness for the mentees and are great listeners. 



We're looking for individuals within STEM who are early in their career, in the middle of a career transition or would like to network with a mentor for professional development. 

If you're interested in getting involved or stay tuned reach out by clicking on "Get in Touch"

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